Thursday, February 24, 2011

an unplanned vacation...

not that anybody gives a fuck, but i won't be around for a while. comment moderation will be in effect until i return.

take care...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i was recently jousting with an obsessive (scroll down to this comments thread) conservative troll who goes by the name SteveAR over at "zandar versus the stupid" and for some reason, the first 2 paragraphs of the following post were not allowed up.

i don't like trolls, plain and simple. the proprietor of this blog is a liberal who posts articles written from a liberal point of view. for a hardline conservative to visit this blog and continually post contrary opinions is like someone visiting a site devoted to how great heavy metal is and then insisting in post after post that heavy metal music is terrible. what's the point other than angering people? there is none. you know going in that no one at that blog or website is interested in your point of view and all you want to do is aggravate them. what you're doing is stupid and considering how much of it you seem to do, almost frightening.

you actually think there's some value in confronting everybody who disagrees with you? there isn't. other than declaring yourself the winner of every argument you have with liberals, where exactly is all this getting you? have any liberal blog proprietors renounced their beliefs after being shown the error of their ways? has any liberal blog shut down rather than face the withering onslaught of conservative wisdom you have to offer? would it ever in a million years occur to you that sometimes people close comments threads due to how frighteningly oblivious you seem in debates? and lastly: why do all you guys seem to believe that anybody who hasn't heard your doctrinaire conservative horseshit is somehow missing out on the finer things in life? get over yourselves, for fuck's sake. nobody's crying because you force them to confront such harsh truths about themselves and their political beliefs. they're crying because you bore the living fuck out of them. you haven't got an original idea in your head.

i'm not Z's "sock puppet" (i'm the sort of vaguely anti-obama lefty regularly derided by Z as "manic progressive" or "useful idiot"), i'm writing to you because i honestly think that what you're doing is sub-moronic and purposeless. you will never change anybody's mind and as you can plainly see from the responses your posts engender, all you really manage to do (here and on the other blogs you visit) is reinforce the stereotypical image that many lefties have of righties.

what you do seems sick and compulsive to me. i'm not going to urge you to get help (that would be an easy laugh and wholly insincere to boot), but i'd be lying if i didn't admit to thinking that you're a badly damaged and extremely sad human being. i'm sure you feel the same way about me, but in a court of genuinely objective observers i happen to think that you're the one who'd end up looking bad.

PS: i'm currently unemployed and consequently have time to fart around on the net like this. but i don't troll conservative (or libertarian) blogs. even considering how much of it i have lately, i've got better things to do with my free time.

i tried splitting my reply into separate posts, but though they seem to be about equal length, only the second half went up. i even removed the profanity from that first section. maybe somebody over at ZVSTS likes trolling conservative blogs and took offense at what i wrote? whatever the reason, they're off my blogroll! that'll learn 'em! they must have gotten at least 2 visitors thanks to me. maybe. aw, who'm i kidding? i barely get 2 visitors a week myself.

in case anyone's curious as to why i insist on posting stuff nobody agrees with over at the av club, i'll explain: it's called "the av club", NOT "a site for smarmy, politically incorrect white guys". it's wrong to post comments that are insulting to women, gays and people of color on a site that should be welcoming to everybody. i'm sure there are plenty of sites that explicitly cater to an all-white frat guy mentality. i have no interest in visiting them and would never in a million years think of breaking up the obnoxious, deliberately offensive threads one might likely find there.