Sunday, September 20, 2009

TGIF (thank god it failed!) on monday

the hipsters who hate 'juno'-scribe diablo cody can exhale today, as it's official: her new movie is a flop. 'jennifer's body', the horror-comedy-whatever starring inexplicably famous mannequin megan fox, has done poorly in the weekend box-office sweepstakes. JB grossed about one-fifth as much as this weekend's number one film, the CGI-animated 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs'.

as an older person who has outgrown such nonsense, i really don't get the "ooh, i hope she fails/wish she'd drop dead already" boner that a lot of people seem to have for diablo cody. i saw 'juno' and thought it was pleasant. the film won cody an oscar for best screenplay, which really seems to trouble people who should know better. when did the academy award go from being a big fucking joke to most of us (meaning most of us who aren't members of the academy) to something that actually matters in the real world? nicholas cage won for best actor a few years ago. clearly the oscar is a wholly meaningless award if it can be given to nic cage unironically.

diablo cody stands accused of being a bad writer and truly annoying person. after gaining fame for 'juno', cody started blogging, giving interviews, writing the 'jennifer's body' screenplay and generally refusing to die from that combination of late-stage cancer and wounds sustained in a fire that those who hate her think would be fair punishment for their having to sit through all 105 minutes of 'juno'. it's strange the way lifeless nerds react to things that they don't like becoming successful. you'd think there was a branch of the government out there devoted to making sure that people are forced to keep up with everything diablo cody does. there are fools out there who cite chapter and verse of cody's every supposedly offensive utterance when they make their case that she deserves to die a bloody and painful death. yeesh. get a life already.

i'm sure there'll be plenty of schadenfraud over various comments boards tomorrow and it'll be even more ugly and pathetic than usual. for some reason the mostly male nerds who congregate at certain sites seem to hate a lot famous women with true vehemence. real hatred for celebrities: another concept whose value eludes me. i understand where it comes from though and especially why it tends to be disproportionately directed at women by certain types of guys. celebrities are, no matter what incensed diablo cody haters would have you believe, fundamentally harmless. there's nothing the average cowardly douchebag likes more than a target who can't fight back.

the av club comments boards (for one example) are positively swimming with males who can't mention a woman without rhapsodizing about how much they'd like to fuck her. if you really want a laugh, post a comment in the middle of one of these "i want to bone this actress" threads suggesting that there's something juvenile and obnoxious about that kind of behavior when it's conducted in public. i've done it a few times and the responses have been hilarious in their relentless stupidity. apparently, i must be either gay or neutered to say such civilized things. keep in mind that most av club posters are educated types who consider themselves to be much higher on the food chain than joe six-pack, yet they employ similar logic to old joe when it comes to male imperatives like boorishly reducing all women to potential fucks. a lot of the virulent disrespect for women that's expressed on the site is an ugly combination of fear and the casual misogyny that lurks beneath the surface with many men. it's hard not to conclude that lots of av club posters just don't like women once you've visited the site a few times.

hey nerd! guess what? once your unseemly joy over the failure of 'jennifer's body' wears off after a couple of days, you'll find yourself red-faced and fulminating about some other undeserving celebrity who in your far-from-humble opinion seems to epitomize everything that's wrong with the world. wanna know why? because you're a big fucking loser, that's why.