Wednesday, August 4, 2010

teadoust has a dream!

i rarely remember my dreams. months, even years go by without the slightest memory of what takes place in my head at night. this morning, i actually remembered something i dreamt and decided to write it out...

i'm working in a large office space with many individual cubicles. there are potted plants hanging all over the place and some larger ones on the floor as well.
i'm chatting with a few people at a cubicle when a dumpy looking woman walks by and i insult her, which seems to be a regular routine for me.
"hey, why don't you try shoplifting your clothes from someplace besides goodwill?" i ask her as my coworkers laugh.
she calmly reaches into one of the hanging plant pots, pulls out a knife and attempts to stab me with it.
i manage to wrestle the knife away from her.
she then walks over to one of the larger floor plants, from which she produces what appears to be a samurai sword.
"i've got weapons stashed all over the place" she says coldly, "and i'm going to kill you."
"why?" i ask.
"because you've been insulting me from the minute you were hired!" she says, lunging at me with the sword.
"that's ridiculous!" i yell back at her as i run for an exit, "i was working here for at least 3 hours before we even met!"

that's all i remember. funny, no?