Thursday, November 18, 2010

andy harris: asshole of the week

andy harris gets the booby prize this week. he's the newly-elected tea-party republican congressman from baltmore who ran on repealing the healthcare bill, but at his freshman orientation got all bent out of shape when he found out that his new congressional healthcare plan wouldn't kick in until 30 days after being sworn in. it's douche-y and i did get a pretty big laugh from it, but i can't get worked up over the story. the guy now has a job that includes healthcare benefits. what's he supposed to do, turn them down? he didn't run promising to repeal the congressional plan, he ran promising to repeal a plan that would have absolutely no bearing on his life and health if he got elected. and people voted for him! how can you not laugh at shit like that?

he's no different than any other tea party-er. they're great when it comes to yammering against welfare and lazy people, yet there've been numerous funny stories in the news detailing tea party candidates who've been more than happy to take a suck on the ol' government teat when times were trying for them. some (like joe miller in alaska, who lost his senate bid anyway) have come pretty close to what might be seen as abusing the system. i guess it's ok when they do it, because, y'know, they're not lazy malingerers. it's those other people. the ones who, uh, look different. right?

shit. now i am worked up. i'm going to baltimore to kick andy harris right in his fucking teeth. i'm sure the congressional plan includes dental, so it shouldn't be a big deal. plus it'll give him one more reason to bitch about having to wait so long for his healthcare benefits. that'll be good for another chuckle. hey andy! long after your plan kicks in, nearly 40 million americans will still be uninsured!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

she said "no"

there are 2 new clips up on my youtube channel as of yesterday, but this one (like "false canoe") is exclusive to the blog.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the softest thing

howdy. here's a personal favorite of the many songs i've written and recorded. if you check my blogger profile there's another blog listed there with links so that you can visit my youtube channel and download most of the songs i've posted. based on the stat counter reports, i know a lot of people who don't much care for me are visiting from the av club. personally, i can't imagine why you'd waste your time. in all the years i've been posting there i've looked at maybe a half-dozen of your user profiles. to each his own.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

things to come...

one of the reasons i don't post much here is that i spend a lot of time writing posts on other folks' blogs.

this steaming pile of horseshit is from a blog i visit quite frequently.

A huge power shift is going to come while the economy stabilizes and hopefully begins to come back. Wastefulness will no longer be chic, and creativity and hard work will divide the long term winners from the losers. The geek shall inherit the earth. That's our silver lining, but the journey we take will be a tough one. There is more to this than learning how to clip coupons and recycle leftovers. This is an attitude adjustment, long overdue. With a little humility and eye opening, we will get through.

i responded:

there won't be any winners other than that very small percentage of the population with the disproportionate share of the world's wealth. the "creativity and hard work" folks (a group i assume you consider yourself a part of) that you talk about? in relative terms, they're now earning a lot less than their counterparts in this country 40 years ago and that trend is not going to change. social divisions and the enduring inability of humans to look past cosmetic differences to find obvious commonalities will enable some people to delude themselves into thinking they've won something. what most of you will be winning is more work, longer hours and (again, in relative terms compared to those in similar positions years ago) less money. but you won't be flipping burgers like those dummies at mcdonald's or begging for change like those losers on the corner or sleeping in an old refrigerator box under the bridge, so "whoopee!" you win!

"we'll get through" means nothing. more and more people will sink and those of you/us who don't follow them will find any number of excuses not to give a serious fuck (ie: actually DO something), same as we do now. statistical maps and charts will be trotted out on a regular basis to offer any number of objective explanations why more and more people are going hungry or homeless while the rest of you/us will knuckle under and accept less money for the work we do in the desperate hope of avoiding a slot on one of those charts. america is no longer a first world country and it never will be again. market rules dictate that labor either has to be completely devalued (the way it is in much of the service sector) or cowed/conned into accepting considerably less than what it deserves (the way things are for most of the rest). do you see america moving away from a "market rules" economy anytime soon? really? good luck with that.

our fucked up economy will always be characterized by bubbles. those peaks and yawning valleys keep everybody unsettled and unsure. the folks who keep their heads above water will continue to do only that. they'll never look at those who are failing and see anything other than that failure.

in a few years when things are even worse than now i'll pop in and remind you of this post.

have a good weekend...

a regular reader who hates libertarians and their repulsive social darwinist bullshit.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fuck john boehner in the eye socket.

so john boehner thinks that last night's election results were a message from the american people. fair enough. but if that's really the case, what exactly were the election results in november 2008? because i've never seen evidence that republicans have any interest in listening to messages from the electorate when they lose elections.

of course obama called boehner up and congratulated him. i hope the republicans do impeach obama. the guy is a clueless/spineless idiot, like almost all the democrats. i vote for them, but sweet fucking jesus! they make me sick.